Using Voluum for Tracking Your Marketing Needs

Voluum is a popular performance tracking software and for good reason. Its design and features make for a platform that you can count on not only to track and control your campaigns but also to assess and optimize results. From monetizing campaigns, controlling traffic and tracking users to adding multiple campaigns, creating landing pages and monitoring factors that shape your funnel, Voluum can support your marketing needs and more.

Here are some of the specific ways and reasons Voluum can help you track better, beginning with the kinds of methods you can choose from.

Redirect tracking

You can use Voluum for redirect tracking, which is not only the most popular method in the industry but is also the easiest to set up. The concept behind it is called URL redirection, and it begins with visitors clicking on an advertisement with a hidden campaign URL. That URL brings visitors to the Voluum platform before they are redirected to the offer or landing page. While the visitor is at the platform, Voluum records the visit along with any information provided. Voluum also lets you set up the offer or landing page.

Direct tracking

 If you prefer to skip the initial redirect, you can speed up the process with direct tracking. This method leads visitors straight from the traffic source to the offer or landing page. Voluum’s Direct Tracking Pixel utilizes a URL and a JavaScript code block to record visitor activity. The URL comes with a campaign ID and contains a cpid parameter that makes an HTTP request to report each visit. The JavaScript code is generated just once, and you can employ the exact same one on different landing pages and campaigns. The click URL features an encrypted parameter, decoded by Voluum, that redirects to the actual offer.

Organic traffic tracking

 With Voluum’s Direct Tracking Pixel, you can track organic traffic as well, not just paid traffic. You just need to set up a campaign funnel paired with a landing page. The funnel should include a dedicated organic-traffic campaign to ensure that clicks, visits and conversions from organic sources are recorded and registered.

Conversion tracking

Some affiliate network platforms do not support HTTP postbacks. If that’s the case, you can try Voluum’s conversion tracking pixel—a redirect tracking method based on a postback URL. For every click conversion registered, the Voluum platform generates a unique click ID value that is passed to your affiliate network platform. Once the click ID is captured and recorded, it is passed back to Voluum.

Impression tracking

With Voluum, tracking ad impressions is free since these are not considered billed events. But if you want impressions to be tracked, you need to set it up accordingly by enabling this in a traffic source then configuring your campaign funnel as appropriate. Note that one add impression is equivalent to one ad that loads on a page.

Audience research

Voluum allows you to learn more about and understand your visitors. For starters, it provides information about who makes up your audience and where they are located. And if you need a more in-depth analysis, you can get data on the types of conversion your campaign is getting or keep tabs on subsequent conversions.

Campaign optimization

For best results, you can use Voluum to generate data reports based on specific figures. Grouping, drill-down and bookmarking options are available. Voluum also has an optimization calculator for computing how profitable your elements can become. And the Voluum AI shows you how traffic can be distributed in the most favorable manner, saving you the trouble of making manual adjustments.

Data usage

You can go beyond simply reading data from Voluum. There are actually ways that your data can be shaped. For instance, you could come up with rules for the paths so that traffic is retargeted to the offers that are most significant to your campaign. You could rotate the offers that appear on your landing page, try out various hypotheses, and have the content of your campaign displayed in the language of the visitor. If you’re worried about losing traffic and money due to the maximum conversions certain affiliate networks impose per offer, you could redirect traffic to an alternative offer each time the limit of conversions on one offer is reached.


Voluum is also designed to help you stay organized thanks to features for managing your workload. Multiple workspaces let you segregate campaign elements or content and delegate tasks. The Voluum mobile app keeps you posted on the status of your campaigns when you’re on the go. Bulk actions enable you to add or edit hundreds of elements all at the same time. Voluum DSP and Zeropark platform integrations allow you to directly work on campaigns in Voluum. The Voluum API can be accessed if there are tasks that need to be automated or completed outside of Voluum. Configuration templates make it possible to set up a campaign fast on several traffic-source platforms. Plus, you can reuse popular paths by saving them as flows and then incorporating them in numerous campaigns.


If your campaign is a team effort, Voluum is a great fit because it offers options for collaborating with others. With the Multi-User function, for one, you can ask your associates to contribute to the campaign. You can also modify their roles and assignments and even set their workspace access privileges to particular sets of data only. Or perhaps there are third parties interested in your campaign data. Then you can share with them the most up-to-date information gathered as part of the campaign.

Security and control

Voluum is reliable too when it comes to security. There’s an event log for retracing all actions and changes done to your account. The two-factor authentication system better prevents unauthorized access. And you can stay on top of every authenticated device that you registered under your account.

It is easy to understand why Voluum is one of the most widely used tracking software today. With its full range of tracking capabilities and extra features, Voluum not only covers your marketing needs but also helps set up your campaign for success.