Best Website Builders for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is now one of the biggest industries known to generate up to $5 billion each year.

Experts estimate that by 2021, this figure will double.

What does this mean for you?

It means that today is the perfect time to get into affiliate marketing.

But of course before you jump into this online business, you need to set up your website wher you will promote your affiliate products.

You need a website that is efficient, secure, SEO optimized, mobile responsive and user friendly in order to drive enough traffic and conversion.

If you’re like most newbie affiliates, you’re probably worried about your lack of knowledge in website building.

You’ll be happy to know that nowadays, it’s possible to build a website without any coding skills or background.

Thanks to website builders, anyone can now set up a website and get it up and running.

If you’ll do a quick search online, you’ll find countless options for website builders.

But some of these are not efficient enough to use for your affiliate marketing business.

To help you save time and effort, we’ve picked the best choices that you would want to consider.

# 1 – WordPress

WordPress is dubbed as the most popular website builders and content management systems today. At present, it powers up more than 30 percent of all websites and blogs all over the world.

Its massive popularity is due to its qualities:

  • User friendliness
  • High security
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Availability of countless themes and plugins

This is the number one option for many newbie affiliates since it’s very easy to use. Even if you’ve never tried building a website before, you won’t have a hard time figuring out how WordPress works.

WordPress comes with a Gutenberg block editor that makes composing blog posts hassle-free.

Not only that, WordPress is also known for being highly secured. Security is one of the top concerns when building a site for business purposes.

You wouldn’t have to worry much about this if you were only building a personal or hobby blog. But since you’ll be dealing with customers, you don’t want to put anyone at risk with poor security.

Speed and efficient performance are other things to love about WordPress.

As you know, online users are notorious for their lack of patience and extremely short attention span.

If your affiliate website takes more than five seconds to load, most of your visitors will leave right away and never return again.

Same is true if your website does not work efficiently. Poor navigation, confusing web pages, and slow loading search results are just some of the major turn offs that drive customers away. There’s no need to worry about these things if you make use of WordPress.

Finally, you’ll appreciate the fact that there are countless options when it comes to themes and plugins.

For themes, you can choose between premium and free themes.

If you want to save money, you’d probably go for the free themes.

But if you want to build a highly efficient and optimized affiliate website, it’d be a good investment to purchase a premium theme. Most premium themes can be purchased for $50.

Premium themes are advantageous not only because they are more secure but also because they provide a dedicated customer support. If you encounter a problem with your free theme, there’s no support to rely on. This means that you’re on your own.

Plugins, meanwhile, can help customize your WordPress site in order to improve its performance and make it even more functional.

Some of the plugins that are ideal for affiliates include real time tracking, creative ads, tools to prettify affiliate links and many more.

Convinced that WordPress is for you?

Before you go ahead and sign up an account with WordPress, it’s very important to know that there are two types of WordPress:

Many people confuse these two but they are actually different. is a self-hosted website building platform. If you make use of this site, your website URL will have a “” at the end. It makes for a less than professional looking site. If you want to remove the “”, you will need to pay a hefty fee each year. is the recommended option for online businesses including affiliate websites. It is a hosted platform, which means that you will need to avail a web hosting provider so that you can start using this to build your site. Purchasing web hosting means money out of your pockets but this is actually the more practical investment in the long run.

For one, some web hosting services like Bluehost provides a free domain name. If you use, you’ll end up paying a lot more than if you buy the web hosting for your site.

Not only that, also comes with excellent customer support, which is something that lacks. is only advisable if you are putting up a personal or hobby blog. But if you are building a site for a serious business which you want to turn into a passive income source someday, is what you should make use of.

# 2 – Wix

Next to WordPress, Wix is the second most popular website building platforms today.

It is also a preferred option by many affiliates.

One of the many things that users love about Wix is its professional but at the same time creative look. Plus, people also laud it for its flexibility and versatility.

If you’re like most newbie affiliates, you probably don’t have a big capital to get started with. But you don’t have to worry much about money matters if you are using Wix as it lets you create an awesome website without requiring you to spend a lot.

It’s also worth noting that it was designed to help businesses create brand identities and maintain an active presence online. It has SEO, email marketing and social media tools that you can use.

Another thing that users love about Wix is the fact that it’s very easy to use. Building a website can be done without a hitch using its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

You can easily add ads, images, backgrounds, videos and other elements into your website using the drag and drop editor.

Aside from its user-friendliness, each of the templates that you’ll find at Wix is mobile responsive. It is displayed properly whatever device your affiliate customers are using. This can contribute to higher conversion and customer retention.

Wix has a free option, which allows you to build your affiliate website without paying a dime. But since you want something more professional, you’d probably want to make use of any of its premium plans.

Premium plans range from $5 to $25 each month.

There are plans suitable for businesses and ecommerce sites that cost about $20 to $35 per month.

For affiliates, the recommended option is the Business Plus Plan, which sets you back for $20 per month. This package provides 100 percent commission free sales, custom domain, ad-free site, Google analytics and 20GB storage.

# 3 – GoCentral

GoCentral was created by the same people behind the popular hosting company GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is one of the most widely used domain providers.

Now, you can also make use of its website builder that’s extremely user friendly and flexible. With this website builder, you can create a stunning and professional affiliate website even if you have zero technical skills.

Its system is quite unique from others. It has a “swipe to style” interface that lets you organize your content and layout. It works almost in the same way as drop and drop builders but some say that it is more efficient and less taxing.

GoCentral has many impressive features that draw in users from many parts of the world. One of these is the versatile blogging platform, which can significantly help your affiliate website rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

That’s not all. You also have the option to add widgets to your affiliate website. This is done simply by adding code into the code box.

Unlike with Wix, GoCentral does not have a free plan. It has four premium packages ranging from $5.99 to $29.99 per month. All these packages include website hosting, 24/7 customer support, blogging platform and several widgets.

The best package for your affiliate site is the ecommerce plan, which costs $29.99 per month. It is a full suite consisting of ecommerce platform, SEO tools, SSL security and so on.

The only downside to using this website builder is the limited options when it comes to design and layout.

# 4 – Squarespace

If it were up to graphic artists and those in the field of visual arts to decide, Squarespace would probably win hands down as the best website builder.

This is because of its remarkable designs and layout options, and high quality image quality. It is also known for its streamlined, modern and minimal look. In fact, this is the option that you should make use of if you want your site to be clutter free. On top of all these, Squarespace websites are also mobile responsive. This means that you don’t have to worry about alienating potential customers who are browsing your site using their mobile devices.

You can make use of this website builder to create whatever type of website you need. For your affiliate marketing business, you’ll be glad to know that it has many useful features that you can use to efficiently promote your affiliate products.

Another impressive feature of Squarespace that you won’t find in other website builder is its unique image upload system. Whenever you upload an image to your affiliate site, Squarespace will automatically create six different types of the image so that the image will be displayed accordingly whatever screen size your customers are using.

Just take note that when it comes to formatting these images, you will need to have a little background in coding.

Squarespace is known to work seamlessly with various systems including but not limited to Getty Images, Google Drive and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Like GoCentral, Squarespace does not have any free plan. It has four premium packages that cost about $10 to $40 per month. Of all the options in this list, this is the one that has the highest price. 

The recommended plan is the Business Plan which costs $18 per month. With this plan, you can get full customization using Javascript and CSS, SSL security, 24/7 customer support, real time reporting and analytics.

Now that you know how these four website builders work and how each one costs, you can now make the decision as to which the best option for you is.

If you’ll ask us, your choice should depend on what your needs and preferences are.

WordPress is suitable for those who want to create a customized and secured website with countless options to pick from.

Wix is the perfect choice for those who want to build a website quickly and without any hassle.

GoCentral is the go-to option for those who are in need of various integration options.

Squarespace is most ideal for those who want visually appealing websites.

Overall, it’s still, which is the best option for affiliate marketers.